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At The Island Nanny we know how much you love your children...we also know how important it is to take some time away to only care for yourself or to go connect and have fun with others. 

We know that time away from the people you love most is imperative for your overall well-being as well as the health of your relationships old and new.  Taking time away replenishes and revives your soul so that you can give with a gracious and clear heart and a more discerning mind.

the island nanny

Pen Pals

is a program created to bless your children and ours. 

Our children are constantly asking to join us on nanny jobs.   At first I was reluctant, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.

I remember when I was young, and meeting other children on vacation or at camps, always having the best time together and then staying in touch with them once we parted ways.

Sending mail back and forth was such a thrilling thing for me and helped facilitated some solid friendships.

I recently tried this program out with a few new clients and they, along with their children, loved it, and were asking for our return.  

My children were thrilled as well and now have friends in other parts of the country and world. 

As a mother I appreciate the keeping in touch via mail aspect of it, I feel it promotes heart-felt and thoughtful social and writing skills. 

The pen pals experience for myself re-affirmed the saying "the more the merrier"  And allowed me to guide them as a group in golden rule kind of play.  These kids know how to have a good time together though, I was impressed!!

So if this is something you are interested in, please let us know and if we are able to accommodate you we will do so at a lesser hourly rate.