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At The Island Nanny we know how much you love your children...we also know how important it is to take time away to care for yourself or go connect and have fun with others. 

Taking time away from the people you love most can be encouraging to your overall well-being and personal growth, in addition to benefitting the health of your other important relationships. 

Replenishing and reviving your being, it helps you to guide, give, and care with a more gracious and clear heart and a more discerning and clear mind.

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We love our families, and we love to make genuine family and friendship connections.  After interacting with us and experiencing our care our customers return to us and continue to refer us to their friends and families year after year.  The Island Nanny has been a respected childcare connection for over 12 years now.  Beginning with its founder Ms. Angela Strong, she knew that childcare and education are two of the most important jobs in existence, and it is with that mindset that we have continued to propel and operate our family owned and run business.

Our intention at The Island Nanny is to help grow your children into the best versions of themselves.  A version that will create peace, fun, and joy, not only for themselves, but also for you and the world around them.

Being loved, guided in love, kept safe and having fun is what we hoped for as children, and it is what we provide for your children.  Fun and Games are definitely part of it but so are being conscious and thoughtful and helpful to others.  Sharing, taking turns, honest discussion and respect are all parts of our progressive, educationally love, fun and peace based childcare service.  We operate under the Golden Rule:  Treat others the way you wish to be treated, and believe that if we all continue to put into practice this rule, in every situation life finds us in, the results can only be positive and life changing.  We are here to nurture your children's hearts and minds so that you can nurture yours, realizing that sometimes it takes more than just the parental units to care for and RAISE a child to his/her highest potential.

Miss Anna Goodreau is the current owner and principle nanny at The Island Nanny and her progressive vision is clear.  The mother of two young and precious spirits, she enjoys being in the presence of children, making positive and memorable imprints on their lives and their families lives is important to her.

The men and women that choose to be a part of this family business have been hand-picked by her and the previous owner.  All are parents, grandmothers or aunties with backgrounds in the performing and healing arts, childhood education, western and holistic medicine, human relations and just overall love and kindness.

Anna thinks that certain aspects of childhood don't and shouldn't end at age 10 or even 50, or ever really, but blended with the positive principles of adulthood to create well-rounded and happy human beings. 

Published last year in Benchmark Publishing's Important Tips for Expecting Moms - Why it's Important to Plan Ahead, she sees a need for education in the matter of genuine love and friendship, conscious conception, pregnancy, delivery and the RAISING of children, along with the continued education of our already existing parents and society today.  She is conscious of the fact that the only way our world will heal and change for the positive is through prioritization, honest communication, sharing and taking turns perhaps, assisting and healing the less fortunate and ourselves, loving one another and doing it as a united committed people.  She believes that fun and laughter, and kindness and tenderness are at the heart of this undertaking.  With a background in the healing and performing arts, creative and visual arts, writing, psychology, human relations and business, her creative and intellectual sides, but even more-so, her fun-gentle-loving side, are what inspires this business, and we hope you can feel this every time you call.

Many Mahalos, The Island Nanny

Also, Please Note:

A booking fee may be applicable on jobs requiring extensive coordination/excessive changes.

A supplies and errands fee could apply as well on necessary jobs.

We ask that you kindly respect our 72 hour cancellation policy, our nannies are turning down other paid work to be there for you along with having family's of their own to take care of, coordinate for and provide for.

Mahalos, TIN

Please Note:

Childcare - One of the Most Important Jobs on the Planet